Mother, 79, beaten, and locked in condo by daughter.

A 79-year-old mother has been beaten and locked inside a condo room by her own daughter. A good citizen sent the case to the Paveena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women. A meeting took place on 19 October 2020 at the Ladprao Police Station between Paveena Hongsakul, Police Colonel Rungsakul Bunkrapeu, Sanongwich Phuwantamat from the Social Assistance Center. A good citizen has sent the case to the foundation about a mother who has been locked inside a condo room, beaten, and verbally abused by her own daughter. The mother now received a threat that she will be killed. The good citizen is worried about the well being of the old woman and could not let the issue stay silent any longer. 


Credit: INN News


Police and related officials went to inspect the room at a condo in Ladprao District, Bangkok on the same day. When they arrived the door was locked from the outside. The mother was heard asking for help through the door, mainly to let her go. Her daughter, who was in the room next door came out and claimed that the mother had memory problems so she needed to be locked inside for her own safety. She then told officers that Covid-19 had heavily affected her well-being. Her house has been seized and she has been working non-stop. She claims the mother doesn’t listen to her and often damages goods in the room. 


Officers delivered the mother to Ladprao Police Station for an interview. The daughter was notified to also come to the police station. As police officers talked to the mother she appeared to be in a perfect mental state. The mother stated that her daughter regularly slaps her head and kicks her. She then informed police that she didn’t want to press any charges against her own daughter. Paveena asked if she wanted to continue staying with her daughter. The mother stated if she could choose then she wouldn’t want to continue living this way. Paveena informed her the foundation was ready to support her stay in Ban Bang Khaoe House, A social welfare development center for older persons. The mother was very happy to hear the news and was excited about a brighter change. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption:  The mother stated that her daughter regularly slaps her head and kicks her. 


Source: INN News