Mother fakes death raising donations for over 3 years.

A mother has faked her own death and used the sad story to bring in donations from netizens for over 3 years. Damages reach 500,000 THB and the good citizens have now filed reports against the mother. The truth has come out after one of the donators discovered the truth. Netizens felt sorry for the children left behind and sent in money continuously over a period of 3 years. The mother named Sopa posted online claiming that her son made the post announcing that Sopa had died from suicide. The story even claimed she did it while her youngest child was tied to her leg.



The son then asked for forgiveness stating that his mother might’ve done some terrible things leading to taking her own life. At the end of the story the son then stated that because his mother is gone the children don’t know what to do or how to survive. Netizens saw the post and started sending money. One of the donators decided to contact the village chief to ask how the children are doing. The answer shocked them as the village chief stated she is still alive and well. Apitchaya one of the victims from Nakhon Ratchasima Province came out to reveal the truth. The victim and friends have always made it a mission to help people in need. She would share stories to help raise money for those who need it. 



Sopa messaged her and claimed she had kidney disease and a disabled child. Sopa made up another sad story that she has to take care of her mom who is sick along with her children. The victim felt sorry and transferred money to help with diapers and food. She then invited friends to help Sopa. Just Apitchaya and her friends have transferred over 100,000 THB to Sopa over a period of 3 years. This doesn’t include friends who are living abroad and have also helped Sopa. The mother has many bank accounts where about 500,000 THB has been donated in from kind netizens. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Netizens sent in over 500,000 THB to help her children that were left behind


Source: Khaosod