Mother forgets 7-year-old daughter at Beach, remembers hours afterwards.

A mother forgot her 7-year-old daughter at the Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi Province. The finally remembered the daughter was not with her hours after when she arrived back in Bangkok. Meanwhile at the beach locals were very worried as they found a lost child in the middle of the night on the beach. The mother stated she misunderstood and believed the daughter went home with the grandmother. As soon as she remembered the mother drove to the beach. On the night of 21 June 2021 other visitors at the beach found a young lost girl crying on the sand.


Credit: Sanook


The girl was telling strangers she could not find her mother. Good citizens at the area later revealed they did not understand the girl as she was frightened. The girl stated she was on holiday with the mom. Local police, the local rescue team, and other related officials at Bang Saen Beach all tried to help find the mother. Posts were made online including on Facebook searching for the mother. Officials and good citizens tried to calm the child down using treats and took her swimming while they searched for the mother. After midnight, the San Suk Police Station was contacted by the grandma who was driving from Bangkok to pick up the girl.



The mother and grandmother finally arrived and every person on the beach was relieved. The grandmother stated that the family decided to visit the Bang Saen Beach with 2 cars. The mother, stepfather, and the girl were in one car. The grandma was driving another separate car. On the way to the beach, they parked at a temple where the girl changed to sit with the granny in her car. They arrived at the beach and had a good time. At night they prepared to drive back to Bangkok and all adults thought the girl was in the other car. While they were driving home, someone called and stated the girl was crying on the beach.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The adults finally realized they forgot the girl after receiving a call.


Source: Sanook