Mother-in-law reports SIL, after he cancelled 5,000 THB Gov. help.

A mother-in-law filed a report with the police after the Son-in-law secretly gave up her right to receive the 5,000 THB Covid-19 package aid from the government, later claiming that she does not need the help. Chaveewarn Klaisiri 60 years old from Sing Buri Province went to file a report with the Sing Buri Police on 6 May 2020 as proof against her SIL. Kritsana Jadpakdee 43 years old the SIL has threatened her, treated her badly, and secretly gave up her right to receive the aid package from the government without her permission.


Chaveewarn stated that she lives with her husband, her daughter, and the SIL. She earns money from selling goods in her home. When the government announced that an aid package of 5,000 THB will be given to those affected by Covid-19 she asked Kritsana the SIL to submit the application for her online. He also applied for the father-in-law because both don’t know how to submit an application online. Then every member in the family received confirmation to the 5,000 THB, except for the MIL. She then asked the SIL to re-submit the application and promised to give him 500 THB if she received government help.


Later on, the Ton Poh Subdistrict Administrative Organization announced that they will be giving out 2,000 THB per household. The money will be handed to the head of the household. The SIL heard about this and asked the MIL to give him some of the money. She denied and he was unhappy. As a response, Kritsana secretly canceled her application to the aid package along with threats and anger. Kritsana stated that he believes it’s not fair that the MIL is keeping 2,000 THB from the Subdistrict all to herself because he helps out with the monthly bills. He then claims that he canceled her right to receive the money because he’s afraid of lying to the officials, as the MIL is still working every day.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Kritsana the son-in-law secretly gave up her right to receive the 5,000 aid package, claiming that she is still working as usual despite Covid-19.


Source: Sanook