Motorbike Driver attacks taxi driver after road accident.

A motorbike driver became furious after a taxi driver drove into the motorbike while on the road. The motorbike driver then attacked the driver repeatedly with his helmet, even after the taxi driver fell to the ground. The motorbike driver then used a screwdriver and stabbed the taxi driver before jumping back on his motorbike before driving away. Road users saw the incident and rushed in to help the taxi driver.


The incident took place on 27 May 2020 and was shared by Facebook user Bancha Dechnararit. Bancha shared photos of the incident and stated that the motorbike cut in front of the taxi, the taxi couldn’t stop the car on time, and drove into the motorbike. The motorbike driver then came down from the bike while the taxi driver also came out to see the damage. This is when the driver took off his helmet before hitting the driver and then stabbed the taxi driver with a screwdriver before driving away. Bancha revealed that the motorbike driver threatened to attack the taxi driver again with his friends. When good citizens nearby ran in to help the motorbike driver stopped the attack and drove away.


The accident took place at 13.50 on the intersection in Ratchapruek 4 between a Hondawave 110 and a taxi. The taxi driver stated that he was driving normally when the motorbike cut in front of his car. He tried to reason with the other driver who didn’t listen and started attacking him. The next day on 28 May 2020 the motorbike driver Potch Iammo came to give himself up to the Phet Kasem Police after attacking Meng Sae Heng the taxi driver. The suspect avoided news teams by running onto the 2nd floor of the police station.


Credit: Sanook


Meng stated to the police that the suspect was trying to create a conflict with him on the road. He kept trying to come into the right lane, then when they arrived at the intersection the motorbike suddenly cut in front of the car which caused the accident. The suspect told Meng that he was driving recklessly and caused an injury to the suspect’s girlfriend. Meng can’t confirm this as he did not see the injury. Police have charged the suspect with reckless driving leading to damage of property and causing physical and mental harm.


FB Caption: The motorbike driver hit the taxi driver repeatedly with his helmet and stabbed the driver with a screwdriver before driving away.


Source: Sanook