Motorists told to avoid parts of flooded Petchkasem Highway

FLOODS in western central Petchaburi province, where the seaside tourist town Cha-am is located, is spreading today (Nov. 23) and the Highway Department advised motorists to avoid certain stretches of Petchkasem highway, Thai News Agency reported.

This morning the flooding in Petchaburi was so bad residents in some places were commuting by boat.

The Highway Department this afternoon advised motorist to avoid flooded routes, with all concerned urged to watch out for flash floods and landslides.

Petchaburi floods people,new

The Highway Department added that the flooding is quite high on some roads which is why they cannot be used on regular basis.

The floodwater on 2 inbound lanes of Petchkasem Highway (Route 4), which the key southern route, is 50 centimeters high, and while cars go through, it is not easy. The frontage roads on both inbound and outbound sides of this highway have 60-centimeter high floodwater, which means small cars cannot pass.

As heavy rain is still continuing in some areas the flood situation has to be watch all 24 hours; the fear is forest runoffs might rush in or there may be landslides.

All units have been instructed to be ready to handle the situation and help solve problems at the initial level. Those who need information or help may call the Highway Department hotline 1586.


Top: A heavily flooded stretch of Petchkasem Highway in Petchaburi province. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: Petchaburi residents struggle to go through a flooded road. Photo: Thai News  Agency