Mukdahan’s new landmark

THE newly-opened giant naga statue at a temple in northeastern Mukdahan province has turned into a big hit among Thai tourists, Sanook! Travel columnist Peeranut P. wrote yesterday (June 18, 2018).

Called Ong Phraya Sri Mukda Mahamuneenin Palnakkarat, the giant naga grandly sits on a high mountain within the compound of Wat Roi Phra Putthabat Phu Manorom temple in Mueang district.

The giant naga slithers across the compound and then magnificently raises its head to look at the Mekong river below. It is 122 meters long, with a 1.50-meter diameter, and is 20 meters high. Its greenish blue color beautifully reflects the sunlight and there are delicately elaborate patterns on its body which is awe-inspiring.


There are other sacred items to view at this temple such as Phra That Phu Manorom, Phra Angkhan Phet and small replica of the Buddha’s footprints.

Cannot be missed is the giant Buddha image which was built on the occasion of His Late Majesty King Rama IX’s birthday anniversary. The lap width is 39.99 meters, height 59.99 meters and height from the base to the top of 84 meters.


Whoever gets a chance to visit this temple and get a close up look at the giant naga should take their camera along to take some great photos. Importantly it is as yet free to do so.


Top, in-text and below: The giant naga Ong Phraya Sri Mukda Mahamuneenin Palnakkarat in Mukdahan. Photos: