Mysterious shots fired into woman’s home for days.

Mysterious shots have been fired into a woman’s home who reveals this has been happening for many days. The shots started in May and all the windows in her home has a hole in them. She hopes that police can help find who is the shooter before a bullet actually hits someone. The story was first shared by Facebook user named “Gung Pranpariya”. The woman reveal her home is located in the main city of Samut Prakan Province right by Bangkok. Gung stated her home is 3-stories tall and on the floor where her bedroom is located is the floor with the most shots are fired into. 



Many shots have been fired into one side of the home. Gung stated she has no idea who the shooter might be, what gun was used, and the motive to scare her. The shots will usually come in right after she comes home and turns the lights on. She is sometimes sitting and working when the shots are fired. There have been shots that entered the second floor but not as many as the 3rd floor where her bedroom is. The first hole she found in a window was in May 2022. Her mother spotted the hole while cleaning. Other than the shots everything was normal in the area. At first she believed that the window cracked and it was an accident. 



Then last month and this month there started to be weird incidents happening to her home. Things would be thrown into her balcony at dark. This is scaring her and she is often paranoid because she cannot see anything outside at night. Then on 13 August 2022 as she was working at home Gung heard a window break. She started searching and found 2 new holes in the front window and her bedroom window. On the 15th as soon as she got home another shot was fired that broke another hole in her bedroom window. Gung went to file a report on the 16th in hopes that police can help find the shooter before someone is injured. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Shots have been fired into the home since May but the shooter is unknown. 


Source: Khaosod