Mystery bones found in the heart of city

PUZZLING pieces of bones were found at a four-storey shophouse near the entrance of Ramkhamhaeng soi 8 and they have been sent to be checked whether they are human not, Thai News Agency said today (Oct. 8)

Construction workers renovating this shophouse found a joint and fragments of two other bones when they started drilling the ground to install a wastewater treatment tank.

Strange find

The workers also found a shirt, a pair of pants and slippers buried under the cement.

Police said as they are not certain whether these are human bones or not they have sent them to be checked and if they turn out to be human then they will question the person who leased this building.


Top: The bones that construction workers found buried in a Ramkhamhaeng shophouse. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: The pair of pants and shirt they also found buried there. Photo: Thai News Agency