Nakhon Si Thammarat healing from Pabuk storm.

The Pabuk storm heavily attacked many districts in Nakhon Si Thammarat, leaving villagers with damaged homes and lost items. One of the most damaged areas is Tha Phaya in Pak Panang district. Villagers in Tha Phaya have reported that there is a gang in the area stealing personal belongings and household items from the damaged homes.


Credit: Thaipbs
Credit: Thai PBS


The storm took fishing gear items from the local fisherman’s home as the waves swept through. This is understandable as villagers are happy to be safe from the storm. Although, items lost from theft by gangs that are aiming to take advantage of the situation, entering random homes and stealing belongings before running off to find the next house.


Mala Kaewkow a resident of Tha Phaya reported that some personal belongings and household items were carried away by the waves. They were not carried too far away, but before Mala could retrieve her belongings a gang quickly came right after the storm started to calm down and stole all of the items. Mala stated that the gang was especially interested in finding fishing gear.


Credit: Bombala Times
Credit: Bombala Times


Tha Phaya was one of the first areas attacked by the storm moving in from Pak Panang district beach side. Almost every house was heavily damaged with roofs torn apart and broken tree’s. The houses that were lucky enough to have little damage still suffered from a high flood as the sea water entered the houses. The officials of Nakhon Si Thammarat have been planning ways in which to help villagers repair their houses along with the water and electrical system in every district.


Credit: The Nation
Credit: The Nation


The most important priority is to make sure that the people of Nakhon Si Thammarat have a safe roof to sleep under.


FB Caption:   There are gangs that are aiming to take advantage of the situation, entering random damaged homes and stealing personal belongings.


Source: ThaiPBS