Netizens busy sharing weather charts

MOST people woke up feeling extra good this morning as the temperature dropped overnight with this leading to lots of netizens sharing their mobile phone weather charts as at some places it was 19 degrees Celsius, reported.

The pleasant 24°C weather in Bangkok energized people as they set forth to the skytrain and subway stations plus bus stops to go to work with this being the same level as in Chiang Mai with a small difference that there the sky is not so clear as it rained heavily last night.

However it was cooler in the Northeast  with the mercury dropping to 19°C at Nakhon Ratchasima’s Sikhio district while in the city it was a tad higher at 20°C. It was also 20°C in Phetchabun province’s Lom Sak district.

Yet despite the pleasantness the sudden change in weather could lead to those who have difficulty in adjusting falling sick so do put on warmer clothes to maintain your body temperature while those who are sick do go see a doctor.


Top: A shared mobile phone weather chart of Lom Sak district in Phetchabun province. Photo: