Netizens slam couple for having sex in a store

AN unidentified couple was severely criticized by Thai netizens after photos of them having sex in a famous department store spread online last evening (September 26, 2018), reported.

Shared on the Facebook page of SSBN – Thailand, the photos show a young woman in a red dress and a young man wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans having sex in a secluded corner of the cleaning products section of this store, with there being a big pillar hiding their activity. They also took photos while so engaged.

Although there was no one near them when they were at it, in some photos one could see some shoppers not too far away.

Thai netizens strongly blasted the unsuitability of their action, pointing out that as human beings they should be able to control their urges as they know full well what they should and should not do.


Top: A pixelated image of the couple having sex in the department store. Photo: