New record, man denied services by 23 taxi vehicles.

A man shared his experience of being a regular Bangkokian after he was denied services by 23 taxi vehicles. It is not uncommon to have a hard time finding taxi services in Bangkok as many are very selective with the destination or some specifically pick up only tourists. The man only needed to travel 4 kilometers to his destination. The ride would take about 14 minutes with the traffic in Bangkok. TikTok user @iceprapadang posted a video showing him trying to call a taxi by the road but it became a very hard task. The video captioned “Breaking all records of calling the most taxis in my life” on 12 September 2022. 



It comes as no surprise why many Bangkokians prefer to use the application Grab as the price is fair and you don’t have to stand in the middle of the road for hours just trying to find a taxi. Some taxis denied service to the user by just driving away, some told him no, while some even complained to him before driving away. Ice was looking for a taxi in Asok area to Klong Toey Nok Temple. This was a distance of about 4.5 kilometers and would take about 14 minutes. Ice called over 23 taxis and they all denied taking him to the destination. Finally the  24th taxi he called provided him the service. Ice stated he is not surprised why others are choosing to use Grab services because calling a taxi should not be so hard. 



Fellow Bangkokians commented sharing their similar experiences. One comment stated she has called 30 taxis before and none would take her to the destination. Ice later answered some questions and stated that there are a lot of tourists in the area. Most of the taxis are waiting to find foreigners for a fixed price payment which is usually much more than taxi meter. One commenter stated she has a foreign boyfriend who was charged 1,000 THB just to travel 4 kilometers. What has your experience been with Bangkok taxis? Do you usually make sure the meter is turned on so you won’t be overcharged? 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The trip was only 4.5 kilometers but no taxis would take the trip. 


Source: Khaosod, TikTok user @iceprapadang