New variety of meth pills smell like sweets

POLICE are concerned that a new variety of methamphetamine pills, or yaba, that smells like sweets has now been introduced to lure new addicts after seizing some of them in northeastern Nongkhai province today (Sept. 5, 2018).

Pol Col Phuwit Siriphanit, head of Phonphisai police station, said they found this new variety of meth pills among the 3,892 tablets of the drug they seized from a 34-year-old man they arrested after a chase.

The suspect was stopped as he was riding his motorcycle on Ban Daen Muaeng road in Wat Luang sub-district. However instead of doing so, he zoomed away but after a short distance, he lost balance and fell.

Even then he did not give up, running away fast on foot, but tripped on a pothole and fell and got injured then arrested.

He confessed that he was hired by Mr Wat, whose real surname he does not know, to pick up the meth pills from Tha Bo district and deliver elsewhere but before he could do so he was arrested.

Pol Col Phuwit said it is clear narcotic drug producers had come up with this is new type of meth pills that smells like confectioneries to lure new addict, especially teenagers and youths.


Top: Police show the meth pills that smell like sweets they seized from the seated suspect today. Photo: Thai News Agency