New venue for Red Cross Fair 2018

For the first time since it was first organized in the area around the Royal Plaza, this year’s Thai Red Cross Fair is being held in Lumpini Park in central Bangkok  from 23 Nov – 1 Dec 2018 , the Thai-language daily Thai Rath reported yesterday (Nov 26, 2018).


The following are the highlights of this year’s event.

Free Entry

Everyone can enter the fair free of charge, and there are large donation boxes for those who want to donate to the Thai Red Cross. Regular joggers may continue to exercise as usual.



Exhibition on the work of the Thai Red Cross

There are photo and poster exhibitions tracing the work of the Thai Red Cross  since it was first established on March 31, 1922.

Car caravan

A vintage car caravan will bring spectators back to the time when their grandparents started learning to drive. A group of young volunteers will display posters on the activities of the Thai Red Cross.

Red Cross Fair 20181126-1731259

Display of ancient kites

Ancient kites with funny names like “dui dui”, “pak pao” and “kwai” will take to the sky to bring young spectators back to the time when their parents were young.

Experts will be on hand to advise youngsters on how to make a kite by themselves.

Red Cross Fair 20181126-173123

Entertainment park of the young

There is an entertainment park with various toys for the young.

Red Cross Fair 20181126-173125

Exhibition on present and former Thai kings

There is a poster and photo exhibition highlighting the activities of the present King Maha Vajiralongkorn and his predecessors.

Red Cross Queen Contest

Young women will compete for the ‘Red Cross Queen’ title. Contestants will be judged by their special abilities and their contributions to philanthropy.

There are three rounds of contest, with the winner declared on December 1.


Prizes galore

Public and private sectors have already prepared gifts and awards for fair attendants who take part in competitions.

Red Cross Fair 20181126-173101


Source : Thai Rath

Photo : The Thai Red Cross Society