Niece kills aunt in a fight over a dog

A MIDDLE-AGED woman and her niece came to blows after quarreling over a dog leading to the former being killed and the latter wounded, Thai News Agency reported today (March 22).

The 2 women’s neighbors at Baan Mai Samakhee sub-district, Chai Badan district, central Lopburi province,  called the police in after finding the body of Miss Narirat, 55, dead in front of their house with blood all over her face after being severely hit.

They told police that at 1 a.m. last night they heard Miss Narirat and Miss A, 28, who is her niece, fighting but after a while the noise died down.

They added that they were not surprised because the 2 women quarreled frequently. However, they were shocked at finding the body of Miss Narirat this morning.

Police searched for Miss A, who was startled when they approached her, and took her in for questioning.

Miss A was wounded in many places and when interrogated heavily admitted that she killed her aunt by grabbing her head and banging it against a stone until she stopped moving, but did not think she had died.

The quarrel stemmed from her deceased aunt’s dog which frequently barked and chased her. She later washed her clothes and went to the hospital to get her wounds dressed.

After the suspect confessed, police took her to apologize to her deceased aunt’s body and sent her to police investigators for legal action.


Top: Miss A apologizing to her aunt’s body this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency