‘Noisy’ aerobics dance shifted to new location

OPPOSITION has built up against Ratchathewi District Office’s order to move aerobics dance exercise from Santiphap Park to a new location further away after a doctor complained that the activity disturbed his nap, Sanook.com reported today (October 21, 2018).

A Facebook member related that a doctor living near this public park had submitted a complaint to this district office stating that the aerobics dance exercise from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. was noisy and disturbed him as that was when he napped.

Officials checked the level of the noise and found it was 11.20 decibles (A), after which they sent a letter to the park officials to move the dance workout to a new location, and it was shifted to Makkasan park, which is much further away and difficult for the aerobic dancers to reach.

This complaint and shift drew widespread criticism because as many as 400 people have been joining the fitness dance sessions at this park for 10 years now.

Health fanatics disagree with this decision and have started gathering signatures to petition against the shift to the new location.


Top: A composite photo shows the aerobic dancers at left and the official letter to the park to shift the dance workout sessions to a new location. Photo: Sanook.com