An odd way to scare pigeons

AT a loss about what to do with a large flock of pigeons that has dirtied his boss’s go-down, financial director Naruemon Saengphan consulted an elderly resident, who gave her an off-beat solution.

Two days later, a giant red vinyl poster with the white message “No Pigeons Allowed” was put up in front of the go-down’s entrance, much to the surprise of on-lookers. But it works, reported today (Sept 6, 2018),

“I am not so sure whether the birds are scared of the red color. But none of them have come near the go-down for the past three months,” said Ms Naruemon.


Top: The red poster with the  warning “Pigeons are strictly forbidden from entering the go-down.” Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip