One dead, one injured in big bike race

ONE of two big bike racers died after their expensive motorcycles got ensnared sending him flying off and smashing his head on the ground while the other was slightly injured after ramming a parked taxi really hard, reported this morning (Sept. 25, 2018).

Pol Lt Sathaporn Sawadee, deputy inspector for investigation at Khanna Yao station, rushed to soi 26 at Sukhaphan 5 road in Bang Khen district where he found Mr Yothphol, 26, lying dead in a pool of blood with his head smashed.

A hundred meters away was the dead racer’s black Honda CBR motorcycle that did not have a license plate.

On the outbound side of the soi road was a red Ducati motorcycle, which also did not have a license plate, with the front badly damaged after ramming a parked taxi.

The slightly injured rider, Mr Decha Buanoi, 29. was sent to B Care Medical Center hospital for treatment.

Mr Chompoo, 53, the taxi driver told police that he had parked his cab near the entrance of the soi while waiting for a passenger and saw the 2 big bikes racing loudly down the opposite side of the road.

However the riders lost control and their big bikes got entangled, sending the Honda CBR rider flying off and dying upon smashing his head on the ground.

Pol Lt Sathaporn said he will be questioning more eyewitnesses and checking CCTV footage to verify what took place.


Top: The 2 big bikes the racers rode lying on the road after the accident. Photo: