Online hit: Malaysian tourist in punch-up over a woman

ATTRACTING a lot of Thai viewers is a video clip showing a Malaysian tourist fighting with another man over a woman at a hotel car park in southern Songkhla province, Thai News Agency reported this morning (May 15).

In the clip going viral the Malaysian tourist, who is tall and big-built and was wearing a grey shirt, squabbles with a slim and shorter man wearing a red shirt, and as this turns nasty, other Malaysians tourists stepped in to try to settle the dispute, but this led to a big ruckus, and in the punching match that ensued, the man in the red shirt was knocked flat on the ground, almost unconscious.

Songkhla police told reporters that this punch-up actually took place last week at a hotel in Baan Dan Nok subdistrict of Sadao district, which is a border tourist destination.

The fistfight broke out after the man in the red shirt flirted with a woman who was with the Malaysian tourist, which angered him, police said, however adding that neither men filed a complaint.


Top and in-text: The scuffle over a woman at the hotel car park in Songkhla province. Photos: Thai News Agency

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