Oppo is officially No.1 seller of smartphones in Thailand.

Thanks to the iPhone and HTC, the phone market changed the world in terms of portable entertainment and connecting people of the world together via the internet. The smartphone slowly replaced Blackberry users and PCs for those who didn’t require a computer for their work.


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After a while, Apple faced major competition from other smartphones producers that began with following in Apple’s steps but then slowly stepped ahead in terms of technology and cool functions. Samsung caught up first then other major brands followed including Huawei and Oppo.


The main reason that Apple is not the number one seller is due to the pricing. At first, everybody wanted the top of the line iPhone and Samsung Galaxy and Note series but not everyone could afford it. Here is where brands such as Samsung and Oppo come in, producing smartphonesthat can perform basic functions with professional grade cameras at an affordable price.


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Canalys published their Smartphone Analysis of Q4 2018, with results of Oppo winning over the Thai smartphone market at 22% of all sales. Samsung follows with 21 % of all sales and Huawei an ultra-fast growing company stands at 13% of all sales with other brands including Apple at 44% of all sales.


Oppo has made a name on offering smartphones with great camera qualities, especially on selfie cameras that help make you look better than you actually are. This works by using a software that allows brightening your skin, erasing your flaws, while providing cool effects such as the bokeh effect.


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Oppo is coming out with phones that offer more than just a good front-facing camera in today’s world. One of these technologies includes the 3D stealth camera which allows more screen space of up to 93.8% screen to body ratio, giving the smallest footprint possible. The top of the line Oppo Find X also comes with the Stealth 3D Camera that works with the 3D software to allow Structured Light Facial Recognition for extremely fast face scan, increasing the security to your phone similarly to the new Iphone’s in the market.


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Other technologies include the Super Vooc Flash Charge that allows charging 40% off your phone in 10 minutes, easily lasting you one normal work day with no heavy use such as gaming. Oppo is also planning to release new zoom technology to their already advanced photography functions in their new smartphones of 2019.


FB Caption: Oppo wins over the Thai smartphone market at 22% of all sales.


Source: Sanook