Owner sells mango farm taken over by Storks!

A mango farm owner has put her land up for sale because Asian Openbill storks have taken over. The woman reveals she cannot take care of her farm and cannot harm the birds. Not thousands but millions have made the 200 rai mango farm their home. Complaints have been made to relevant government sectors but no action has been taken. The Sanook News Team went to visit the farm located in Ang Thong Province after receiving notification of a mango farm with over a million storks. The team discovered the farm grows mango and lime. It was clear that the farm can no longer grow anything as there are so many storks you can hardly see the trees. 



The storks have seized the thousands of trees, making it impossible to walk through the farm. Not only have they taken over the farm, but there are also storks trying to enter inside the home. The family living inside including the grandparents and children reveal they cannot open any windows. This is due to the waste and feathers left behind by the birds. The home has an unpleasant scent and feathers scattered through the kitchen and bedrooms. Namfon 42 years old the home caretaker stated the storks started coming to the farm 3 years ago. At first there were not so many but they started expanding. It has affected the farm business substantially. 



Complaints have been made to related government sectors. Officials have visited the farm and helped sanitize the area. The Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO) came to cut down a few big trees even though the owner requested for all to be cut down. There are now over a million storks and all the family members are suffering with allergies. The last time officials visited the farm they claimed the storks are protected and nothing could be done. Mali Srirattham from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Ang Thong stated the storks are protected under the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act. Those who Hunt, sell, export, and import the Asian Openbill Stork will face imprisonment not exceeding 4 years, a fine not exceeding 40,000 THB, or both. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: There are over a million Asian Openbill Storks in the 200 rai mango farm.


Source: Sanook