Pajama fraud, over 10M in damages.

Victims have come to file complaints against a Pajama Facebook Page at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), there is at least 10 Million THB in damages. The victims are asking the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to find the persons behind the fraud. Police Sub-Lieutenant Thanakit Jitareerat from MOJ accepted complaints from a group of victims who have lost money to the Facebook Page on 21 September 2020.  Victims can file a report at their local police station on the case and also register their names on the DSI website as a victim. 


Credit: INN News


The victims formed a group and traveled together to the MOJ. Police Lieutenant Colonel Korawatch Panprapakorn from the DSI has given orders for officials at the Ministry to accept complaints from the people. Victims have transferred money to the page named “Pajamas by Shopping” in exchange for wholesale pajamas in October 2019. There are hundreds of victims with a total damage of at least 10 Million THB. The damages were transferred to multiple accounts at different banks. When the time came for the orders to be shipped, the buyers never received pajamas as agreed. 


Victims have filed reports at their local police stations but nothing has happened since then so they have decided to file complaints at the MOJ. Victims are located in many provinces and each filed reports in their areas. Victims reveal that the seller has returned with a new Facebook Page on 20 July 2020 named “Wholesale Pajamas” in Thai. The seller is still stealing money from people looking to start a pajama business. Victims can register their names in the case on the DSI website. The DSI has opened an investigation to find who the suspects are and other issues are taken into inspection including whether the pajamas are copyrighted names.  


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The seller has returned with a new Facebook Page in July of this year. 


Source: INN News