Panic as fire erupts at big Chiang Mai hotel

AROUND a hundred hotel guests chaotically dashed out of a 10-storey hotel in the heart of northern Chiang Mai city after a fire broke out in the hotel kitchen, Thai News Agency reported today (Jan. 30).

The city’s municipality quickly put out the blaze, but thick noxious smoke spread to the upper floors where many tourists were stuck, and firemen had to wear protective gear to go and rescue them.

Fire 2

Many tourists were given oxygen and treated for burning eyes and nasal irritation, with some even choking, and rescuers took them to nearby hospitals.

A check ascertained that the fire started in the second floor hotel kitchen. A chef was cooking for guests when sparks from the fire flew up and hit the exhaust hood, which was thickly coated with oil, started the blaze that quickly spread out.


Top and in-text: The Chiang Mai hotel where the fire broke out is filled with thick smoke. Photos: Thai News Agency