Panic as youths brawl outside Chiang Mai hospital

THERE was panic and chaos outside a Chiang Mai hospital this morning (August 14, 2018) after 2 groups of youths fought each other with one of them trying to barge in and further beat up a seriously injured young man admitted there only a little while earlier, reported.

The 2 groups fled after police moved in to restore peace, but policemen are still guarding Chiang Mai Medical Center Hospital in case the rowdies return.

Police found out that a brawl had initially broken out at an entertainment center on Nimmanhaemin road at dawn. As the 2 groups of youths clashed a 21-year-old youth got seriously injured with wounds on his head and face, and rescuers rushed him to this hospital where he got as many as 11 stiches.

However, his adversary brought his gang to the hospital to go in and further beat him up, triggering the second round of punch-up.


Top: Police standing guard outside Chiang Mai Medical Center Hospital. Photo: