Pantip user charged almost 800 THB for 5 Kilometer ride on Win motorbike.

This incident was shared by Pantip user no. 1110421 on the Pantip website. The user was traveling with another friend from Victory Monument to the Mahanak Intersection in Bangkok on 15 January 2020 at around 17.00. They arrived at the monument via van and were planning to take the bus to the intersection. The application Viabus showed that the bus was still far away. They decided that taking a taxi or using the application Grab would be a better option.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


The intersection was 4.7 kilometers away from the monument and traveling by taxi would cost them no more than 60 THB. The 2 were walking by the road when they met 3 Win motorbike drivers. The drivers were wearing Win vests but none of them had a sticker stating the driving area where they belong to, usually Win motorbike drivers in Thailand will have a sign printed on their back stating the Win stand they belong to, this is so that customers can know who are legal Win drivers. The motorbikes used will also have yellow license plates. First, the user ignored the men but they kept asking so he told them the destination.


Credit: The Thai ger
Credit: The Thaiger


Win Driver: Where are you going?

Pantip User: (silence)

Win Driver kept on asking.

Pantip User: Mahanak Intersection

Win Driver: Do you want to go, there’s heavy traffic we can get there fast.

Pantip User: How Much?

Win Driver: I’ll have to see how far it is.

Pantip User: OK (he thought to himself it would cost 100 THB max)


There was no traffic and they arrived at the destination in about 10 minutes.


Pantip User: How much?

Win Driver: (he looked at my friend’s bike driver and they nodded)

Pantip User friend’s driver: 380

Pantip User: 280 right?

Win Driver: 380!

Pantip User: (am I hearing this right?) Nevermind 190 per person, this is a lesson for me.


The 2 of them combined cash before handing it to the Win Driver. While they were preparing to walk away the driver shouted.


Win Driver: What about the other 380?

Pantip User: You mean it’s 380 per person? I don’t have any more money.

Win Driver: How much do you have on you?

Pantip User: That’s all I have.

Pantip User’s friend: You have an account?

The Win driver gave his account number and said: Transfer me 400, I’ll give your 20 back.


The two drivers drove away after the money was transferred. The Pantip user and his friend stood on the road shocked for a moment as they felt like they had just been robbed. In total, the 2 friends paid 760 THB. The user stated that he could have easily used that money to take a taxi to and from Bangkok University, where they came from.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


The user later revealed that he called 1584 the emergency line and went to the police station for security footage from the road. The police received the driver’s name from the online money transfer. Turns out both of the drivers are illegal Win Motorbikes and the police have called them in to pay a fine and come in for a talk.


FB Caption:  The police received the driver’s name from the online money transfer. Turns out both of the drivers are illegal Win Motorbikes.


Source:  Kapook, Pantip User no. 1110421