Pattaya hotel will not accept transgender guest.

The story went viral online after a hotel in Pattaya, Chonburi Province refused to receive a transgender person as their guest. This story might surprise many as Pattaya is famous for ladyboys and in 2021 it is fascinating how some still choose to remain in the past. In the modern world any person should have full consent to their own body and mind, this means they should be able to express themselves as they want without being judged. The victim reveals they do not want similar instances to take place. The story was shared by famous Thai Facebook page named “If you want to be famous then here you go return” in Thai. The page shared a video from the famous video app “TikTok”.


The post stated “Does being sexist still exist? The hotel does not accept LGBT persons in as guests. The hotel asked the victim whether foreign customers who were staying above knew that they were transgender. Employees at the hotel then asked the victim to tell the foreign guests that they were transgender. This caused public embarrassment as there were other guests who witnessed the incident and is a form of discrimination”. In the video there are 2 persons arguing with captions stating, “A hotel in Pattaya did not allow ladyboys upstairs”.


The victim later stated that the video was posted online by the sister. Netizens had a lot of opinions, and they were not shy to express it. Not long after the hotel made a statement online claiming that there are no rules on accepting transgenders in as guests. The hotel also wanted to contact the victim to apologize. The victim and the sister do not want an apology from the hotel. The Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand stated that such incidents should not happen. The victim wants representatives from the association to help solve the problem. They do not want incidents like this to happen again to other LGBT persons as there should be more equality in this world.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand stated that such incidents should not happen.


Source: Khaosod