Pattaya tourists prevent clash on Walking Street

TOURISTS in Pattaya called police and prevented 2 Thai men from clashing on the popular Walking Street with one of them armed with a sword, a big knife and a replica pistol, reported this morning (Oct 10, 2018).

Upon seeing the 2 Thai men behaving suspiciously at the entrance of Soi BJ on Walking Street at 6 p.m. yesterday, some of the tourists among the large number enjoying themselves at the popular spot called the police.

After quickly getting there patrol police found that the 2 men, Mr Somsak, 38, and Mr Surachai, 35, a motorcyclist, with both just  freed from the police cell a day earlier.

Surachai had a replica pistol tucked in his waist, a knife tucked at the rear and was also carrying a sword.

Upon being questioned Somsak said he was sleeping in a room nearby when someone threw something in and he realized that it would be the motorcyclist on Walking Street who reported him and friends and got them arrested, so came out to talk to him.

The motorcyclist said he got arrested after taking lots of drugs, and even after being released was hounded and tormented so he bought a fake pistol and armed himself with a knife and a sword to threaten his antagonist, but before he could do anything he ran into police, who promptly hauled him back to the station.


Top: The 2 Thai men after they were rounded up by Pattaya patrol police. Photo: