People in Nakhon Phanom shiver as temperature drops

THE sudden drop in the temperature in northeastern Nakhon Phanom province led to people lighting fires to keep both themselves and their farm animals warm, INN News said today (Oct. 31).

The temperature dropped continuously in this province bordering Laos and this morning it was 16.5 degrees Celsius at the Thai Meteorological office in Mueang district and  19 degrees Celsius at the agricultural weather station in Tha Uthen district with this being the biggest drop in a year.

People here are shivering and have to light fires to keep warm particularly those living next to the Mekong river in Mueang, That Phanom, Tha Uthen and Ban Phaeng districts while powerful winds are blowing through the hilly areas of Na Kae district which are also covered with a heavy fog.

They also have to light fires to keep their farm animals such as cows and buffalos warm and prevent them from falling sick.


Top: Two persons keep warm next to a big fire on the bank of Mekong river. Photo: Thai Rath