Phang Nga-Surat Thani highway damaged

A KEY southern highway linking Takua Pa district in Phang Nga province to Surat Thani has been damaged by mudslides and the public has been urged to be very careful if they use this route, INN News reported today (Aug. 9, 2018).

Mr Wassana Thongsuk, head of Rommani subdistrict administration organization in Phang Nga’s Kapong district, said the left side of Highway 401 running through Khao Sok mountains has been damaged by mudslides from kilometer 29 to 220  with there being a 10-meter chasm.

This occurred after many days of heavy rain with water still flowing down the mountains to this area, he warned.

Phang Nga’s Highway Department has put traffic cones and barriers as well as reflective stickers across the damaged stretch of this highway.

The public is urged to drive more carefully through this highway because it ascends mountains and is very steep, curvy and there is also no electricity.

Because of continuous heavy rain Phang Nga authorities have alerted all 8 district officials to be watch out for storms, floods and mudslides and be ready to prevent and resolve any problems that might occur.


Top: A damaged section of the key Highway 401 linking Phang Nga to Surat Thani. Photo: INN News