Phang Nga tourists told to stay away from the sea

HOTELS and resorts at southern Phang Nga province’s popular Khao Lak  beach today (Aug. 8, 2018) strictly forbade tourists from swimming or playing in the sea because of strong winds and waves higher than 2-3 meters, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

Hoteliers at this beach are worried that tourists might drown or be pulled by the waves and hit against rocks if they go into the sea.

Aside from putting up red flags from end to end of this beach, the hoteliers have also arranged units to patrol the beach and stop the tourists from getting near the sea and help them if need be.

Flat-bottom bats and lifebouys have also been arranged to immediately rescue anyone in danger.

Tourists seem to have heeded the warning and are resting and swimming at the hotels’ swimming pools.

Phang Nga authorities have issued a notice to all concerned units to be ready in terms of manpower and equipment and immediately help if needed. People living in risky areas such as along canals and low-lying zones were told to closely follow the official news.


Top: Very rough sea off Phang Nga coast today. Photo: Matichon