Phue Thai members getting ready to move to Pheu Tham

OVER half of Pheu Thai Party members, particularly former members of parliament, are getting ready to move to Pheu Tham Party with the situation to become clear within 10 days or perhaps sooner, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (October 30, 2018).

Many Pheu Thai Party members are worried that it will be dissolved, and while there are still conflicting views on staying or leaving, party sources said in the end most will play it safe and opt for the “don’t take a risk” strategy.

Even former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is worried that Phue Thai will be shut down.

Noteworthy is that a large number of seats at  Pheu Tham have been left vacant to make such a move a smooth one. This party only has 15 executive committee members whereas the law allows up to 25 to 29 of them.

However only a certain number of Pheu Thai members would move to Pheu Tham with those staying on being ones facing lawsuits or other problems.


Top: A Pheu Thai Party meeting, Thai headline says “looking to switch to new party.” Photo: Matichon