Phuket crocodile finally caught!

A CROCODILE photographed by a drone swimming near Phuket’s Lae Pang beach on August 30 was finally caught by trackers using a thousand-meter long net at 3 am today (Sept. 1), Thai News Agency said.

Officials, local fishermen and crocodile show experts who successfully captured the male reptile say it is three meters long and of saltwater species but further details will only be revealed after experts check it.

Photographs and a video clip of this crocodile swimming off Lae Pang beach in Thalang district triggered a lot of excitement on the island with this team chasing it from August 30 onwards and finally netting it at a large lake within the compound of a famous hotel not far from this beach.


Top and below: The crocodile which triggered a lot of excitement in Phuket and the some of the team members who finally netted it. Photo: Thai News Agency

Captured crocodile


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