Phuket plans 2022 Countdown with over 3,000 joining.

Phuket is planning to organize a New Year’s 2022 countdown celebration estimated for 3,000 to join. The Phuket Province is reorganizing the celebration plans for “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2022 @Phuket” taking place on the night of 31 December 2021. Phuket reported the latest Covid-19 situation in the province on 24 December 2021. There are 32 new cases and a total of 339 cases receiving medical care in the hospital. There are 1,937 beds in place for Covid-19 patients with 276 beds currently in use. There are 1,662 available beds making it a percentage of 85.76% available beds. 


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Almost 100% of Phuket locals are vaccinated. 479,645 or 87.59% have received their first dose of the vaccine. 463,082 or 84.57% have received their second dose of the vaccine. The province is doing their best to make the third dose available and currently 266,074 or 48.59% have received their third dose of the vaccine. From 1 November – 23 December 2021 there have been 93,553 arrivals coming in through the Phuket Airport. Out of this number 3,749 are Thais and 89,804 are foreigners. On the 23rd alone 3,519 came into the province with 61 being Thai and 3,458 foreigners. 



The celebration will take place at His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Public Park in the main city of Phuket. The main highlight of the celebration is a performance from an international opera singer Andrea Bocelli and performances from Thailand’s biggest stars. There will be a fireworks show with over 20,000 fireworks. The province expects at least 3,000 to join the grand countdown. Those who wish to join can register their spot through the QQ online platform. Registrations start on 25 December. Locals and tourists must be vaccinated according to the safety measures. All who join must also receive ATK or RT-PCR tests within 72 hours before entering the celebration. The test results will be verified along with the Mor Phrom application at the entrance. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The main highlight of the celebration is a performance from the international opera singer Andrea Bocelli 


Source: Khaosod