Phuket Seastead returns back to shore

Officials from the Thai navy has successfully disassembled the seastead floating in the Phuket sea. The remains of the seastead will arrive at the shore during the night of the 22nd of this month. There is substantial evidence that will be presented during the trial of seastead builders, a foreign bitcoin trader and his Thai wife.


The couple believes in the idea of seasteading and together they invested over 4 million THB into the floating structure. The structure is 14 miles (22 Kilometers) away from the Phuket shore. When the remains of the structure arrive at the shore, it will be kept as pieces of evidence for further investigation.


The Royal Sriracha boat, the main boat used to supervise the Navy’s mission along with 2 other boats will carry the remains of the structure back to shore. The base of the structure will also be dragged back to shore by one of the boats.


Credit: Workpoint news
Credit: Workpoint news


At about 1.30 pm on the 22nd of this month, officials started to separate the octagon structure from it’s floating base. The structure itself had a diameter of about 6 meters and the floating base had a diameter of about 2 meters with a depth of 20 meters. After 5 hours the two parts were successfully removed.


The structure and the floating base was dragged back to shore separately by different boats. The trip took an approximate of 4 hours to travel back to the Phuket shore.


Credit: Workpoint news
Credit: Workpoint news


Hopefully, this is a good lesson for those who believe in seasteading to properly research information on the applicable laws. If you’re going to do it, you better be doing it the right way or else chances are you’re going to end up like the couple in this story.


FB Caption: The structure was successfully removed from the base in 5 hours with another 4 hours to drag it back to the Phuket shore.


Source: Workpoint News