Pickup truck crushes little girl to death in Chonburi

A LITTLE girl, just 1-year and 3 months old, was crushed to death by a 6-wheel pickup truck in the alley at the back of her house in Chonburi at 3 pm today (Dec. 9), the Thai-language Matichon newspaper reported.

Pol. Lt. Kamolwan Tangsurat of Mueang Chonburi police station and rescuers rushed to the house in Ban Suan subdistrict, Mueang district, where they found Mrs Pirom Promwong, 33, crying disconsolately as she held the small body of her dead daughter, Miss Naphatchada Promwong, with her 8-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son seated beside her.

Investigation revealed that Pirom had come out to the backyard of her house, with the small girl following her there and running round the compound. Just then Mr Chamrat Kaewlert, 47, a used goods retailer and also a resident of Chonburi, had backed his pickup truck, which was fully loaded with empty buckets, and slammed into the little girl killing her on the spot.

Pirom accepted that she was not careful enough, but explained that although she heard the vehicle starting up, it was very noisy around there and she did not know when her small daughter ran out, until she heard a loud noise and found that she had been crushed to death.

Chamrat said he is really sorry over Naphatchada’s death, but explained that he had been backing in and out of this soi regularly for over 10 years, and there had never been an accident.

He added that he did look carefully while rearing in, and upon not seeing anything blocking the way, continued doing so until he slammed and killed the small girl.


Top: Pirom crying as she holds the body of her dead daughter with her other 2 children besides her. Photo: Matichon