Pickup truck racers raise hell in Chonburi

A GANG of pickup truck racers in Chonburi seize a stretch of Chonburi-Ban Bueng road for speed races after midnight every weekend without fearing the law and troubling people living in this area, Thai News Agency said today (April 3)

Speed racers in Chonburi, twoThe photos illustrating this report show over 30 pickup trucks that arranged to meet at Chonburi-Ban Bueng road on the side going into Ban Bueng district.

They had closed two lanes on the left and released rounds of racers speeding in their noisy souped up pickup trucks with this causing a lot of problem for other drivers.

A road user captured their race with his mobile phone video and then posted it online with a short message urging the authorities to take action.

However Chonburi police division has been continuously cracking down on these races and has arrested some racers and seized tens of such vehicles but it seems these gangs won’t give up and continue to meet and race every weekend.


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