PM addresses current Covid-19 situation in Thailand.

The Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha has addressed the current Coronavirus situation in Thailand through the Television Pool of Thailand (TPT) on 17 April 2020. The following description of the speech is not an official translation, it aims to summarize and simplify the whole speech. The PM started with good wishes to the people “The people of Thailand, today I want to report the work I am about to do and the important role you all have in the following week to come.


First I would like to say a Happy New Year’s as the Thai New Year’s had just passed by. I wish you good health, physically and mentally, I wish that every one of you is happy on the family day of Thailand. This year is different, but it is still Songkran and a meaningful day. The day reveals to us that the most important thing in our lives is family, no matter the problems we face those next to us are our parents, our children, and our grandchildren. This year our family is bigger, it’s not just our blood relatives but the whole nation coming together, all 70 million of us. In times of crisis, our big family has to help each other, like strangers buying food for us to survive and this is what it means to be a family”.


The PM then starts addressing the COVID-19 situation “Many nations around the world, even the developed nations are full of cases. Specialists expect that there will be hundreds of thousands of deaths in the future. The damage that is about to happen is not just with the loss of lives, but our normal way of living has come to an almost sudden stop. This is a big crisis, where all governments have to pull out their best abilities”.



The PM reveals that he will be working on the issues of the 5,000 THB government support, where many of those who applied were denied the extra support and the people are not very happy because they have no work, no money, and some have come to the point of no food. He will also be working on more methods to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and to find more ways to help those who are already infected. The government will be working on solutions with other big sectors in Thailand, this includes big corporations in the country, universities, research facilities, the private sector, the riches, and the people.


FB Caption: “The damage that is about to happen is not just with the loss of lives, but our normal way of living has come to an almost sudden stop.”


Source: INN News