PM Prayut lets student protesters off the hook

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (April 9) let 3 students who raised protest signs just as he was talking to the press in Siam Square go free, but told them to show up again should the country suffer a damage, Thai  News Agency reported.

The three students raised  sheets of paper saying: “Chula people love UncleTu (General Prayut’s nickname),” with a cross over Uncle Tu.

Security officers immediately moved in and tore up the protest signs, and General Prayut, upon seeing this, said:

“Let them go, don’t harm them, if they don’t understand, let them go. Now you go, very good, but if the country suffers any damage, do show up again.”

At the interview with the press Prime Minister Prayut said he had not thought about postponing a meeting with political parties, and for the public to not pay too much attention to this issue because there will be meeting before the general election.

He also thanked Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak for announcing his support for him to be the next prime minister, but added that he does not know yet whether he will accept it or not and has to still consider the issue.


Top: The 3 student protesters who  walked away free today. Photo: Thai News Agency