Police break up hair-raising auto race in Chonburi

CHONBURI police moved in on over a hundred racers who were speeding up and down Sukhumvit road in their cars and pickup trucks in the dead of the night but almost all the racers managed to escape, Thai News Agency said today (July 2).

At 2.30 am this morning 30 Chonburi police officers drove in their police cars with sirens wailing and motorcycles to the stretch of Sukhumvit road from Kereenakhon till Ang Sila intersections, a distance of two kilometers, to stop the race on this public road.

Chonburi police break up auto race

Over a hundred vehicles had been making many rounds on this stretch of Sukhumvit road by starting at Kereenakhon intersection and u-turning at Ang Sila and upon returning taking off again.

After the police drove in almost all the racers disappeared but there was another group of teenagers who had parked there vehicles on both sides of the roads in both directions, heading to Bang Saen and Chonburi city, who initially waited to see what would happen but later also sped away.


Top: Over a hundred vehicles racing up and down Sukhumvit road last night with inset image showing police cars moving in to break it up. Photos: Thai News Agency



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