Police bust Korean online gambling den

TOURIST police arrested five Koreans who covertly ran an online gambling den at a Sathupradit condominium yesterday (Oct. 6), Thai News Agency reported.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, acting deputy chief of Tourist Police, said Mr Sohu Park, a Korean national, and his 4 accomplices  were arrested in this raid and computers, mobile phones and other equipment plus 10,000 won Korean banknotes totaling 150,000 won were seized.

gambling raid

Police had earlier been informed by the South Korean Embassy to help track down this gang because they were behaving like mafia and attacking South Koreans in Thailand.

Further investigation showed that members of this gang usually entered Thailand as tourists and used this country as a base for opening and running many types of online gambling such as football, baccarat and even a casino.

They encouraged people to gamble via their website http://boy-vv.com.

Tourist Police got a search warrant from Southern Bangkok Criminal Court and raided this condo in Sathupradit where they found the 5 suspects and seized the gambling equipment and cash.

Tourist Police said the condo had been altered and many computers installed for online gambling with the 5 suspects saying they were hired by a Korean financier to take care of online gambling by encouraging people to join in via the website which was opened in South Korea.

The suspects added that each day 500 to 700 Koreans used their service and cash circulation was around 600 to 700 million baht.

Police said they will be chasing other gang members and will also follow the money trail. Moreover they will liaise with Immigration Police to take action against the suspects.


Top: Tourist Police with some of the Korean gambling suspects. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Tourist police with some of the material they seized after raiding the Korean gambling den yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency