Police chase ends in 5.99 Million Yaba pills found.

A big drug seize has taken place after a police chase ended with 5.99 million Yaba pills found. The suspect tried his best to escape officials, but it was not a success and the truck flipped over. Behind the truck were 31 large bags filled with Yaba pills. The incident was reported on 26 September 2022 and there was 1 suspect was arrested. There are more suspects on the loose that police are searching for related to the drug bust. Police Lieutenant General Piya Tavichai and related officials reported the drug bust. 



Chiang Rai Officials arrested 1 suspect and evidence in the case that included 5.99 million Yaba pills, and 2 vehicles. The police chase took place in Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai Province. Investigation police received information of a drug smuggling group. The police kept a close eye on the group and then on the 20th police found 3 cars driving together. Officials followed the vehicles. When the vehicles arrived at a police check point, they increased speed to reach the opposite road. They were acting suspicious and were obviously trying to hide from police. The Mae Suai District police were contacted to help track down the vehicles. 



A police chase was started and one of the vehicles which was a truck flipped over on the road right in front of a local buffet restaurant. There was no driver found and behind the truck was full of drugs. There were 31 large bags and inside were a total of 5,990,000 Yaba pills. Other officials who were at another police checkpoint in the same province arrested a driver who was driving another truck. This truck appeared to be the leading vehicle that the other 2 were following. He was arrested and along with the evidence was sent to the Mae Suai Police Station. Police are continuing to work on the case and so far, they have information on 2 persons connected to the drugs.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The truck was flipped over on the road filled with Yaba pills. 

Source: Khaosod