Police checking whether ‘Mafia Siam’ has shoplifted again

PATHUMWAN police are investigating whether a shoplifter nicknamed “Mafia Siam” has struck again after a boutique at Siam Square filed a police report that a man who appeared to look like him stole a jacket worth over 10,000 baht, INN News reported.

The owner of the boutique, Boy London in Siam Square One shopping mall, posted a video clip  on the shop’s Facebook page and alleged that “Siam Mafia,” a suspect who previously shoplifted and injured people in 2015, has returned.

The theft of the expensive jacket occurred last Wednesday October 18 with the shoplifter coming into the shop with a young woman and asking to try on the expensive jacket.

Once he had put it on he asked to borrow the young woman’s mobile phone and told the sales people he is stepping out for a moment because he is waiting for a friend to join them and then just disappeared.

The young woman said she just got to know this man and is herself a victim because he stole her mobile phone.


Top: A security camera image of the shoplifter and the young woman walking near Boy London shop in Siam Square. Photo: INN News