Police deny overacting in arrest of young biker

A VIDEO clip of Suthisarn police arresting a motorcyclist who dodged a checkpoint went viral online and triggered a denial that police had overacted, Thai News Agency said today (Oct. 6).

Pol. Col. Termphao Siriphubarn, head of Suthisan police station, said this clip showed police arresting the 22-year-old biker on Ratchadapisek Road’s at Huay Kwang intersection last night and the manner it was done seemed to indicate that they were overdoing it.

However in fact the police at the checkpoint had called the youth to the side because he appeared to look a bit strange but instead of doing as told he sped off. Police gave chase and he dumped his bike and ran away but was arrested and taken to Suthisarn police station.

There the youth admitted that he had taken a drug 10 days ago and so police fined him for driving without a license. As he had pushed a police volunteer it was settled with a financial compensation.

Pol. Col. Termphao added that as his officers had not overacted there was no need to set up an investigation committee.


Top: Police moving in on a biker who appeared a bit strange to them. Photo: Thai News Agency