Police dogs searching for an arm of dismembered woman

FORENSIC police together with 2 police dogs today (June 23, 2018) searched for a missing arm of a mutilated woman whose body parts were found stuffed in a backpack and 2 fertilizer bags in  Minburi district last night, INN News reported.

Police said the dead woman was thought to be around 20-30 years old, around 160 centimeters tall, she was fair and had long hair. Part of her right forehead and skull had caved in.

The new search helped by the police dogs has not fund her missing right arm within 1 kilometer radius of the Sam Wa roadside where the rest of her body was found last night.

However they did find a bullet shell and a 5 baht coin but do not know whether they are linked to this case.

Meanwhile Thai News Agency reported that Minburi and  forensic police found the woman’s head wrapped in a black garbage bag and a red towel in the backpack. It also contained some clothes which seemed to belong to the dead woman. They could not make out what she looked like because her face was swollen as she has been dead for a few days now.

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Within the 2 fertilizer bags 3 meters away from the backpack were her body and legs which had been taped together.

The person who informed police of the grisly find said he jogs in this soi regularly and 4 days ago saw this backpack but did not dare open it.

However last night at 10 p.m. as a bad smell had started to spread, he called a friend and together they opened the backpack and saw the woman’s head.

The informer also said he thinks an outsider came and discarded this woman’s body here because this is a dead end soi and while there is a passage leading to Nimitmai road, only motorcycles can pass.


Top: Police dogs search for the dismembered woman’s right arm today. Photo: INN News

In-text and below: The black backpack and fertilizer bags in which the dead woman’s body parts were found last night. Photos: Thai News Agency

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