Police to file defamation charge against net idol

PATTAYA police who arrested Thai net idol “Flooksri Maneedeng” yesterday (Dec. 10) on a charge of possessing electronic cigarette are filing an additional defamation charge against her after had resisted arrest was forced into a cell, Thai News Agency said today.

The e-cigarette suspect, Miss Manusaya Yawarat, 29, or Flooksi Maneedeng, later posted photos of her bruises on her Facebook page, while also accusing the police of  locking her neck, pulling her hair and verbally abusing her parents.

Police at this seaside city said patrol officers arrested Manusaya for having an e-cigarette device and e-liquid in her possession, and brought her to the station for legal action.

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However police added that Manusaya was displeased and resisted being arrested, so some officers had to control her and then locked her up in a cell.

Police accuse her of having abused police officers with bad language and for this reason are going to file a defamation charge against her.

However, Manusaya or Flooksi, who showed some reporters the bruises on her arms legs, said she was displeased with the police whom she accused of locking her neck, pulling her hair and putting her in a cell when she only asked where her  bracelet was.

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She accused police of overreacting as she was only arrested for possession of e-cigarette, which is popular among teenagers.

She added that she got a physical checkup done as evidence, but would consult elders whether she should file charges against the police.


Top and in-text: Thai net idol Flooksri Maneedeng at the police station and later talking to the press. Photos: Thai News Agency