Police find 8 crocodiles in a rented room.

A man started acting out in an apartment. The police were notified and searched his room, inside were 8 small crocodiles. The apartment owner revealed he recently moved in only a month ago. Police Captain Samai Srisurach from the Pak Khlong Rangsit Police Station received notification of a man acting out in a local apartment in the main city of Pathum Thani Province. Police Lieutenant General Saknarin Rattanapan and related officials went to inspect the area along with the local rescue team.


Credit: Khaosod


Officials arrived at a 9 story apartment and on the 8th floor, a man was screaming asking police for 10,000 THB to return home. Officials talked to the man for over an hour to calm the man down but the man still wouldn’t let the police inside. The apartment owner then allowed police to open the door and enter the room. Officials held the man and took him outside. He continued yelling trying to escape the police. Turns out Tassapong 38 year old was hiding a secret inside his room that shocked officials, the apartment owner, and locals around. Police entered the room and found 8 small crocodiles inside. The apartment owner was shocked but mostly confused as to how this was possible.


Credit: Khaosod


Crocodiles are dangerous animals that need proper care, not trapped inside an apartment room in the city. It is still unclear what Tassapong’s wanted to do with the crocodiles. Police also found evidence including marijuana. It appeared Tassapong tried to burn many items in his room and had written messages on the walls. The apartment owner stated the man had recently moved in a month ago. Another resident in the building notified the owner that this man was acting strange, throwing things out of his room. Others inside were afraid the man was on drugs.



FB Caption: Police found 8 small crocodiles inside an apartment room on the 8th floor.

Source: Khaosod