Police: Gunmen hired to kill Briton, Thai wife

POLICE have arrested 3 suspected gunmen who were hired by the older brother of a well-off Briton’s Thai wife to kill the 2 of them for just 5,000 baht each but they took the couple’s pickup truck and sold it, and it was this deal that led the police to them, the Thai-language daily Thai Rath reported this morning (Sept. 25, 2018).

Police detectives said Mr Alan Hogg, 61, and his wife, Mrs Nod Suddean, also 61, who disappeared mysteriously in northern Phrae province’s Mueang district, were both killed within the compound of their house, with the Briton being shot dead, while his Thai wife was hammered to death in front of the garage.


Police had earlier arrested Nod’s older brother Warut Rattanasachakit on a theft charge, but he was bailed out and has since then fled, but is being chased.

Police managed to get the couple’s pickup truck back and arrested 8 persons including the buyer and the murder suspects who sold it.

Police said the 3 gunmen confessed that Warut had hired them from Wang Chin district of this province to kill Hogg because the 2 of them had quarreled often.

They added that  Warut had buried the couple’s bodies and police yesterday brought in a backhoe to dig up the compound but failed to find their bodies.

The search will continue today.


Top: Police using a backhoe to dig up the compound of  the house belonging to Hogg and his wife Nod, shown in the inset image at top left and below.Photo: Thai Rath

In-text: The missing couple’s house in northern Phrae province: Thai Rath

Further down: Police searching the large compound for the missing couple’s bodies. Photo: Thai Rath

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