Police help father and son reunite after 17 years apart.

Police officers in Buriram Province help father and son reunite after 17 years apart. Police Colonel Somyot Fuenchaipum from the Ban Mai Chai Pot Police Station along with related officials and local volunteers visited Rit Bunpetch 83 years old on 23 June 2020. Rit is currently suffering from gallstones and gout. The conditions have gotten worse and Rit has been bedridden for over 3 months. Officials and volunteers hope that the visit will help support Rit to keep on fighting. 


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Rit’s family contacted the police for help in finding Rit’s 4th son named Sompong Bunpetch. After Rit became bedridden he wished to see Sompong once again. The son went missing in 2004 and the family has never heard from him again. Police searched and found out that Sompong was living in Phon Thong District, Roi Et Province. Officials went to visit Sompong before bringing the son to reunite with his father in Buriram. 


As the police car arrived Sompong ran from the car to see his father. The son sat on the ground and went down to the father’s feet. They were both filled with happiness after being separated for 17 years. The family, police, and volunteers stood beside watching the reunion take place. Sompong stated that he is extremely happy to meet his father and other family members after so long. The son left Buriram to look for work in 2004 but was cheated and never got paid. Sompong had no money and was homeless. He ended up in Roi Et where the village chief in Um Mao Sub-district, Phon Thong allowed Sompong to work at a garden in exchange for a place to stay and food. 


Credit: Sanook


Sompong stayed with the village chief for years and oftentimes missed home. He wanted to return but couldn’t remember where he lived and how to get there. This was until the village chief informed him that police from Ban Mai Chai Pot, Buriram is looking for him. His father had fallen ill and wished to reunite with Sompong. He was excited to finally meet the family, especially the father. The son wishes to find work in the area so he can be close with his father, but if he cannot find a job then Sompong will visit his father when opportunity allows. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The family asked police for help after the father became bedridden and wished to see his son once more. 


Source: Sanook