Police heroes stop man from committing suicide

THREE Chiang Mai policemen turned into social media heroes today (August 1) after a dramatic image of them saving a man from committing suicide went viral, Sanook.com said.

It was later found out that the suicidal man who had climbed over and clung to the edge of Nakhon Ping Bridge was a foreigner who was distressed that his wife had taken a lover.

Pol. Col. Thapnophong Chairangsi, head of Chiang Mai traffic police division, said the three policemen were carrying out their traffic duties when a Good Samaritan alerted them about the suicide attempt.

They rushed there and while Pol. Capt. Pitakpol and Pol.Sen.Sgt.Maj. Supot Srichand talked to the suicidal man, Pol.Lt.Col. Rasami slowly climbed over the bridge’s fence and grabbed his right arm at which point the other two officers grabbed his left arm and body and pulled him over the fence and talked him out of killing himself.


Top: The three policemen helping the foreign worker hanging at the bridge’s rail. Photo: Sanook.com


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